How to Create a Hotel-Worthy Room

There’s something so relaxing about a hotel bedroom. Maybe it’s the freedom of not making your bed everyday (which can be such a chore!) or having someone magically clean the room, it’s no wonder many of us wish to recreate that same feeling at home. Thankfully it’s easy to transform your current bedroom into a 5-star luxury suite in mere minutes! If you want to recreate this elegant, welcoming feeling in your home, we’re here to show you the tricks of the trade.

Add Pillows


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An easy way to recreate that blissful cocoon feeling is to add pillows! Mix up the textures on your bed and go for the highest quality possible. Think 400-thread sheets in linen or Italian cotton. Go for as many pillows as possible, at least four, or large European pillows. Below is a helpful diagram to help arrange your new pillows.


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Monochromatic Colors


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Image via Decor Pad

You’ll notice how all luxury hotel rooms have one feature in common, they all focus on one color. Rather than having a variety of colors in your room, focus on one primary color and accent it with one coordinating color. A monochromatic scheme helps create a room that is quiet and sophisticated.


Reading Room


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Image via A Burst of Beautiful

The best hotel rooms use space wisely by using functional and comfortable furnishings. The immediately invite you to sit down and relax. An easy way to emulate this look is to install a padded headboard, perfect for reclining against when reading a book or watching TV. Adding a padded bench and stylish accent chair are additional touches to upgrade the space and emulate a luxury feel.


Lavish Lighting 


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Image via Monika Hibbs 

Lighting in a bedroom is often overlooked, but incredibly necessary! To create the best light, consider adding a dimmer switch so you can control the amount of lighting with ease. Accent the natural light that floods the room by adding soft, semi-transparent, white curtains to your windows. Of course, no room is complete without elegant lamps or a gracious overhead chandelier. We particularly like the chandeliers at Ro Sham Beaux!


Walk Softly 


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Image via Architecture Art Design

Hardwoods are wonderful but stepping on them barefoot in colder temperatures is less than ideal! By adding a large, plush area rug under your bed will instantly make your bedroom appear more luxurious and helps tie all the accents pieces together. A shag or deep-pile rug is the perfect type to add to a bedroom.


Minimal Accents 


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Surround yourself with accents that add, not subtract, from the room. Hotel rooms add accents that help the overall ambiance of the room to help you relax. Consider adding small touches such as flowers, artwork, and glass sculptures to your room to bring a more sophisticated feeling to the room. A stack of carefully curated books, a scented candle, and a framed picture can help complete the look.

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